Major Airports in Western Canada

Traveling to Western Canada

When planning your holiday vacation, transport is one of the factors that should be at the top of your travel list. Nowadays, it is easier to travel from one region to another by use of airplanes, which help save on time, especially compared to other means, such as traveling by road. If you are planning to visit the western cities of Canada, here we have a quick guide on the airports you will find in Western Canada that will help you make informed travel plans. These are just quick facts and we encourage you to contact your preferred airline brokers for more information related to pricing, as this may change depending on the season.

Airports in Western Canada

Calgary International Airport

This airport serves the city of Calgary, Alberta, and is located approximately 17 kilometers northeast of downtown Calgary. This airport is the busiest in the Alberta province and the fourth busiest in Canada based on both passenger volume and the number of flights operating from the airport. The airport has recorded significant growth over the past years due to the region’s tourism and petroleum industries. Their nonstop flights to major destinations in North and Central America, Asia and Europe have also led to increased demand among travelers. Two major Canadian airlines that operate from the airport are Westjet and Air Canada.

Regina International Airport

Regina Airport is located in Regina, which is the capital city of Canada’s Saskatchewan province. The airport is managed by the Regina Airport authority and is classified as an entry port, which can handle planes with no more than 120 passengers. However, larger planes with a capacity not exceeding 250 passengers can also be handled at the airport provided that the plane is unloaded in stages. Passenger services at the airport include a 24-hour Subway sandwich shop, a Rumor Handcrafts store and duty-free shops. Foreign travelers do not have to worry about local currency cash as there is also an ATM machine that dispenses 4 different currencies, including Canadian and US dollars, British pounds, and Euros. If planning a group holiday, it is advisable that you contact a representative from the airport for more information.

Edmonton International Airport

This airport is the primary air cargo and passenger facility located in the Edmonton metropolitan region of Canada’s Alberta province. The airport offers nonstop flights to various destinations in Mexico, Central America, the United States, the Caribbean, and Europe. Located 26 kilometers southwest of downtown Edmonton and on highway 2, opposite the Leduc city, the airport serves as a hub for both Northern Canada and Northern Alberta. With the presence of United States border pre-clearance facilities at the airport, passengers connecting here to other destinations in the United States are able to use Quick Connect for US Customs and Border Protection checks. The airport is easily accessible by road with the Edmonton Transit System providing express services between the airport and the Century Park LRT Station daily, between 4.10am and midnight, every half an hour.